How to Make Your App Idea a Reality

How to Turn a Simple Software Idea Into a Real App

A few months ago, Apple had a free $10,000 giveaway for their billionth app download on the iPhone or iPad.  That is “billion,” with a “B.”  The Play Store for android cell phones and tablets wasn’t far behind at the time and may have even surpassed iOS for the most app downloads worldwide.  Why does this matter?  It matters because it gives an idea of just how lucrative the app industry can be.  But, lets be honest, isn’t app creation just for programmers and designers with fancy degrees?  The answer is complicated.. yes and no.  Can anyone just go out there and build the code for an app?  No.  However, anyone with a decent idea for an app CAN easily put together a team of experienced professionals looking for work using this little thing called the internet.

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There are a few basic steps that you can follow to make your dream of turning your glorious app idea into a reality.  The first step in all of this is to really get a clear idea of what it is that you want to make.  Do you have an idea for a game? A calendar app? An educational app?  Communication? Finance?  Whatever your idea is, make sure you have a general idea of your target audience and do some background research to determine the need, want, or market for such an application.  I personally believe that going with smaller niche markets is a much better idea than trying to make a fix-all, everything to everyone type app.  Becoming the new “SnapChat,” “Flipboard,” or “Flappy Bird” of the mobile world would be great, but is unlikely.  If you can discover a need in a small, targeted area, your ability to research the market beforehand is much greater and you run less risk of investing thousands into a terrible idea.

Next, check out websites like and do a search for programmers.  Here is where things get tricky.  You are going to get thousands of hits and not all programmers are created equal.  Being thorough here is crucial.  You might be getting a great deal by outsourcing to other countries and saving thousands in the process, but, more likely, you will be shooting yourself in the foot early on.

After you have found your programmer, I recommend going with a separate designer.  Although there are companies who can do it all (programming as well as design), separating the will help you stay in the loop as the team coordinator and will protect you from getting squeezed out of the deal later on.  IMPORTANT STEP: Have all members of the team sign a NDA to protect your idea and your investment.

Once you have chosen your programming team and developing team, make sure that everyone really understands the vision you are going for.  Keep in mind, you are a team and that it is in everyone’s best interest to creat a great product as quickly as possible.  I know that this has been a very short and general article on app creation, but you can learn more about the topic and find some of the best apps at mobile spy.


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