Facts about Atif Aslam

Facts about Atif Aslam

If you analyse the early roots, Atif Aslam was born into a Punjabi family. His early education was in Lahore and Rawalpindi. To undertake a degree in the domain of bachelor he took up to PCIS. It was at this point of time he began to sing in public. At this point of time he got in touch with Goher Mumtaz. Both of them went on to perform in numerous restaurants and plays. Then they came together to form a band Jal. In Urdu it means water. They went on to record a song  “ Aadat” all the music went on to be shot in a warehouse in Karachi. This went on to become a popular song both in the online and offline mode. Within a short span of time this great singer became a household name. It was this popularity which made them tour the whole region of Pakistan. At this point some personal problems arose between both of them. Atif broke away from the band and went on to form his own solo. On the other Mumtaz kept on using the band name of Jal. A lot of controversy erupAtif Aslamted as there were common songs between both the albums. But with the passage of time, all of them had a fruitful end.

He went on to undertake a lot of solo shows in Canada and US. Though it was the show with Shreya Ghosal which could be a turning point. Such was the popularity that from 10 shows, they had to add another 6 to it.  In London, he went on to become the first Pakistani artist to perform. In Dubai, he would be a household name and a lot of shoes he has taken part.

In the year 2004, Atif took the world on stage with the album Jal are. It was a craze among the young and the old. Several songs from this album like Mahi Ve soon top the charts. He got his first break in Hollywood when Mahesh Bhatt asked him to sing for the album Yeh Lamhe. It was an overnight hit and the remix version was very popular. It was then he went on to sing more songs which were successful too as well. He went on to make several guest appearances in a host of films. In fact in the film Bol he became a hero. In fact, this was a Pakistani movie.  At this point in time, he also went on to release two solo albums.

This great man has gone on to receive several awards from various sources. Mika Singh was given his thumbs up to his singing. As per some experts, he has the tag of keeping Pop music alive in Pakistan. Several popular Bollywood artists Like Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan have sung praises of his type of singing. He works out to be the

perfect brand ambassador in terms of India and Pakistan. There would be nothing better to replicate it rather than music.